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Regarding COVID19 in San Diego County. If we all do our part to slow and stop its spread I am confident that by July and August I will be able to present a small (6 campers at a time)  but very productive and memorable building experience for your 2nd-6th grader. All registration payments are held in place until camp begins and are refunded if I have to cancel.  Be advised that I do have face masks if needed and I give campers their own personal eye wear and use the correct sanitizer to clean as needed.  I am waiting so (im)patiently to once again hear the sounds of sawing,  sanding and nailing in the woodshop bus!  Be safe and email me direct if you have other questions.  sdawson@thechildrenswoodshopbus.com     

SUMMER CAMPS (HALF-DAY) JULY AND AUGUST ARE NOW REGISTERING.  Please select and read the camp description before going to the  registration page to enroll.

This mobile “classroom” is a converted transit bus with individual, adjustable workbenches.  The program is designed to teach children how to use hand tools safely and effectively. The woodshop bus locates at several San Diego public and private schools for weekly classes (K-5th) and half-day summer camps for 2nd – 6th grades June – August.   

This is not a free-style “make-anything-you-want” class. There is structure and safety.  I am confident I can teach a motivated, physically capable child how to saw wood clamped into a miter box, shape and sand it, drill holes, drive nails, turn screws and make wooden toys and useful desktop projects using only basic hand tools and premium sugar pine. There are kid-tested examples to jump-start the building process and once the construction techniques are established, children progress at their own pace to build confidence and skills as they build their projects.    Sheila D., instructor

The Girl Scouts Association in San Diego has recently accepted TheChildrensWoodshopBus  as a community partner and we are pleased to offer workshops for Girl Scout (and Boy Scout)  troops needing a place to earn their achievement  badges in woodworking.  Interested leaders should Email sdawson@TheChildrensWoodshopBus.com direct for more information and to schedule a session for their troop. See Scout Woodworking page for more details.

You can download the current information flyer by clicking hereYou may copy and distribute.

The Children’s Woodshop Bus has been traveling to San Diego schools and neighborhoods teaching basic hand tools skills to young children since 1974.  The after school classes are one hour long, and most projects are completed in one session. A series of classes, scout badge work, and birthday parties can be scheduled by emailing sdawson@TheChildrensWoodshopBus.com. The cost varies with how many students attend and the location.

You can see a video of children working in the bus on the Media page.

Use the scroll arrow to see the  Woodshop Bus exterior, interior, and a well-used work station.