Welcome to the ChildrensWoodshopBus website. This mobile “classroom” is a converted transit bus with individual, adjustable workbenches.  The program is designed to teach children how to use hand tools safely and effectively. The woodshop bus locates at various San Diego public and private schools for weekly after-school  enrichment classes (K-5th) and half-day summer camps (2nd – 6th grades). This is not a free-style “make-anything-you-want” class. There is an assortment of kid-tested boats, planes, cars, and desktop/useful ideas that are available to jump-start the building process.  Once construction techniques are established, creative changes are encouraged and students build skills and progress at their own pace..  

We now say “good bye” to the 2019 summer camp programs.  We have swept up all the summer sawdust and return to rotating through our public and private schools for after school enrichment classes and more sawdust.  If you want to be notified when special events come up please “like” our Facebook page.  Our  summer camp description will remain online. Check out the project photos page for a wide variety  of simple to complex project ideas. 

See the General Information page to download the current information flyer. You may copy and distribute it as you wish.

Use the scroll arrow to see the  Woodshop Bus exterior, interior, and a well-used work station.