Special Events

These special events are scheduled directly with Children’s Woodshop, San Diego.  Email direct to sdawson@TheChildrensWoodshopBus.com .


Girl scouts, Brownies, Cub scouts,  Boy scouts – any group needing to earn achievement badges or awards can do it in the        ChildrensWoodshopBus.

This program uses basic hand tools and premium sugar pine to teach woodworking fundamentals such as measuring, sawing with wood clamped into a miter box, shaping, sanding, drilling, turning screws, and proper hammer and nail techniques. Sample projects are available to visually help start the building process but projects can be customized to meet badge requirements. . All projects require thought organization, decision making and problem solving appropriate to each grade level.

This is a very relevant and practical, hands-on approach to gaining woodworking skills and building self confidence at the same time. Contact sdawson@theChildrensWoodshopBus.com directly for additional information or to schedule a session. (cost is $25 – $40 per scout depending on location)



Woodworking birthday parties are held weekends only in the San Diego area October – June and are appropriate for children ages 7-10. The mobile woodshop is a 30 foot converted transit bus which comes to the pre-arranged location (usually the child’s home if parking is suitable). The number of participants depends on the ages of the children. The cost is determined by the location.

This is an exciting and productive event for young children but it does have structure. Unless arranged in advance, the children may choose what to build from a variety of sample airplanes, boats, cars, and useful desktop projects. They are given instruction on how to saw wood clamped into a miter box, shape and sand it, drill holes, turn screws, and drive nails until it is completed. This is not a “play” party. These are real hand tools and the children must be able to pay attention and follow safety and set-up rules. Note: Safety glasses/goggles are provided for each child and they are required to wear closed-toe shoes to participate.

The woodworking portion of the party is one hour fifteen minutes long and the fee depends on the location. Additional hours can be scheduled for larger parties.


Customized adult workshops can be arranged for preschool and kindergarten teachers who wish to add woodworking skill development to their curriculum.