COVID-19 Safety

COVID safety update for Woodworking classes

I would like to address some of the concerns you may have regarding safety precautions in my woodshop classes and events held throughout the year.

Each workstation is separate and has all the hand tools needed for construction of chosen projects. No one shares the tools from their work bench.  The specialty tools (those not at the bench) are sanitized by me before each use.

ALL the safety glasses I provide to a child are properly sanitized before each use.

Social distancing?  Yes. There is already a fixed 40-48 inch space between bench vises and I create more space as needed by assigning students at alternate benches depending on how many participants. If they are in the same family or in the same class at school, that is not a requirement.  In addition, the children do not face each other.  Each work bench faces an open window.

Regarding masks:  As the instructor, I do wear a mask or face shield. .  The children wear sanitized safety glasses I provide and they may wear a mask if you so choose..

I take my own temperature each morning and record the temperature of each child entering the bus. I use an FDA approved No-touch thermometer. Hand sanitizer is used before entering and exiting woodshop.

I hope this helps allay any concerns you may have about your child’s safety but if you need additional information, please, Email me at

S.Dawson, instructor/owner dba